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The Rising is a breakout book for women looking to change the status quo for females of all ages—in their homes, their offices and the world. The time is now for women of all races, religions, sexual orientations and from all walks of life to join together to create world change for the betterment of all.

Merlo-Booth offers women a roadmap out of unhappy relationships, unhealthy work environments, and toxic situations. She provides tools to handle day-to-day interactions as well as more difficult situations including sexual harassment, date rape, bullying and more. In The Rising, Merlo-Booth introduces a new power paradigm—a Grounded Powerful Strength (GPS)—for women to step into their journey toward safety, equality, and power.

No matter your background, this book will give you the pivotal skills to make change happen. Lisa uses straight-talk, compassionate accountability, keen insight, and concrete examples to teach you:

  • Why a Grounded Powerful Strength is more effective than an aggressive, meek or reactive one.
  • How to recognize and avoid the five Power Blockers females engage in that keep them and all females down.
  • The skills necessary to walk in the world with a Grounded Powerful Strength to effect important change in the home, at work and in the world.

Women can change the world, by changing the way they walk in it. This book shows you how.


I would love to give you a sample from The Rising, A Revolution for Women. Although this books is written for women, I welcome and encourage men to join the rising.

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What People are Saying about The Rising:

“The Rising is essential reading for both women and men trying to find their ways in the socio-political confusion of this decade.  Lisa Merlo-Booth lays bare the deceptions and manipulations we've all performed on each other to maintain the rigid and ultimately destructive gender roles that we've been stuck with for so long.  This book shows us the way forward to a fairer, healthier, more productive world for both females and males.  Read it, practice the guidelines in it, change your behavior, and change the world.”

Dr. Nick Morgan, President, Public Words and author, Can You Hear Me?


"Lisa Merlo-Booth provides powerful, actionable and revolutionary advice to women who are ready to rise up against a tired paradigm of oppression and control, so we can step into our grounded, powerful strength. She pulls no punches as she outlines what is at stake if we remain silent -- our well-being, and the health of our relationships, our communities and our world. It is time for us to act, and this book gives us a clear path, lined with powerful, tested and actionable advice."

Pam Slim, author Body of Work

“Lisa Merlo-Booth is both cutting edge and a prominent Thought Leader presenting issues that have chronically affected females in society for far too long. This seminal book sheds a powerhouse of penetrating light getting into the depths of the sinister areas of abuse in the world we live in that are as blatantly obvious as 'The Emperor's New Clothes’

A sharp and easy read, this book not only removes a societal veil of deception you didn’t even know was there but also smooths out a way forward for you as the reader now as well as for generations well into the future.

After Lisa’s introduction to her ‘GPS’, the massive bonus in this book is that you get valuable techniques to sustain a new way of being which is rooted in a real place of power.”

Shinade Jayne Gribben, Transformation TV


FREE Resource #MeToo

GPS Tool the most difficult of times
For Victims/Survivors of sexual harassment/sexual assault/rape

I have a created this resource for all women (and men) who have been the victim or survivor of a rape or sexual assault. Please download these documents for free and follow the prompts to fill out the details of the incident to help you remember it as needed and report it if you choose to do so.

I suggest you place this form in your journal, notebook, purse or leave it in your desk where you always have it available to you should you ever need it. Give this form to your children, sisters, friends or family members as a resource for them to use as well. Use this form to track information if you are ever sexually harassed at work or sexually assaulted. It is important to note that you can be sexually assaulted by anyone, including your lover, spouse, date, friend, classmate, colleague, boss, authority figure, stranger or human being. If any human being has assaulted you or sexually harassed you, fill out this form and track the details of that assault. Even if you do not feel ready to report or believe you do not want to report the incident, write down the details. The sooner you write down the details the better should you ever choose to report the incident. If you have been sexually assaulted or harassed, please know that sexual assault is NEVER the victim’s fault. Ever. It does not matter how much you had to drink, what you were wearing, if you flirted, if you were on a date or if you are married to the person who assaulted you. It is vital that you write down the information so you have it. Few victims report sexual crimes. Lack of reporting allows perpetrators to go on and harm other victims. Although you may not be ready to report today, write down the information so you have it should you decide to report at a later date.


GPS Toolkit for Victim/Survivor

GPS Toolkit for Safety Person


For Victim/Survivor: Download Digital (fill out on the computer) CLICK HERE; Download Print version CLICK HERE.

For Witness/Safety Person: Download Digital (fill out on the computer) CLICK HERE; Download Print version CLICK HERE.

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