Words Matter Everywhere: At Home, Work and in the World Words have the power to engender trust, ignite passion, heal a broken heart and/or cause a broken heart. They can help people rise or contribute to a person’s fall. They can help save relationships or end them. They even have the power to start wars [...]
Sexual Harassment: Another Man Down To say “the tides are changing” regarding women’s voices being heard and men paying for sexual harassment is an understatement. Matt Lauer is the latest man to lose his job following a sexual harassment accusation. The list of men going down is getting longer by the day and the number [...]
From #MeToo to #TimesUp to ...#WhatsNext   The year 2017 was a coming out year for women in many ways. On an unprecedented scale and with unprecedented results, women throughout the world marched for their rights, joined the political arena in growing numbers and called out sexual harassment by those in power. It was a [...]
A Note for Men on Navigating Sexual Harassment with Ease It seems that post #MeToo, many men are claiming they are afraid to interact with women for fear they’ll be accused of sexual harassment. Because I’m feeling incredibly generous this morning, I’m going to help men out. Below is a cheat sheet for men (and [...]
International Women’s Day: We Thank You To the mothers who gave birth to us, loved us, supported and guided us, we thank you. To the women who have raised us, mentored us, inspired us and challenged us, we thank you. To the women such as, Rosa Parks and Malala Yousafzai, who have stood up to [...]
She Accuses, He Denies, the World Attacks: Sound Familiar? And still she rises! Another powerful man has been accused of sexual assault. Another female accuser is having her life altered because she came forward. Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, has come forward after 35 years to state that Brett Kavanaugh—the man going after the [...]
The Spin: Should We Be Afraid for Our Sons? We live in a world today where people have adopted, mastered and doubled down on the scary strategy of The Spin. The spin is about turning someone’s upset into an upset of your choosing. Typically, your upset will be related to the other person’s, but you [...]
Managing Fear Rather Than Allowing it to Manage You All human beings experience fear. Some are afraid of sharing their opinion, having an honest conversation with their loved one or asking for what they want. Others are afraid of changing jobs, leaving a bad marriage or going after their dreams. And still, others, are afraid [...]

The U.S. Women’s National Team Takes on The World Hats off to the 2019 U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team for pulling off another amazing World Cup Championship! The hard work, intense dedication, powerful skills, outstanding teamwork, and tremendous coaching was inspiring to watch. Equally inspiring as the phenomenal field play was the internal strength and […]

Insecurity is Not an Aphrodisiac Although I’ve known for a long time that insecurity can squash the romance in a relationship, this point was driven home to me with one of the couples I worked with several years ago. When I first started seeing this couple, the man had been treating his wife poorly for [...]

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