The Rising for Women Podcast Episode 19

The Rising for Women Podcast
Episode 19
Exploring Consensual Non-Monogamy

In this episode, we interview a special guest, Molly Jenkins, LMFT, who specializes in working with polyamorous relationships.
Our conversation explores some of the benefits and risks involved and reasons why one might consider opening up a monogamous relationship to include other partners. What we discover dispels some of our conventional beliefs and judgments about the meaning of such pursuits.
We discuss how one partner might introduce this subject without destroying the primary relationship and the delicacy of such conversations.
We also discuss the importance of women holding on to what you know will best serve you on your journey to Rising and how to keep internal or external pressures from leading you to make the wrong decision for yourself.


Meet Molly Jenkins, LMFT, CHt (Certified Hypnotherapist). Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, 9 years in private practice in Denver and working toward certification as a sex therapist. She specializes in working with the LGBTQ population, high-conflict couples, infidelity and affair recovery, sex and sexual identity, non-monogamous relationships, mixed-orientation relationships, relationship deal breakers and relationship deal makers. You can learn more about her practice at

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