From #MeToo to #TimesUp to …#What’sNext

From #MeToo to #TimesUp to …#WhatsNext


The year 2017 was a coming out year for women in many ways. On an unprecedented scale and with unprecedented results, women throughout the world marched for their rights, joined the political arena in growing numbers and called out sexual harassment by those in power. It was a year of women saying enough is enough.

Not surprisingly, however, this uprising has led many to wonder where it will take us. Would there be hell to pay for women speaking out? In the work place, will men leave women out of business dinners, meetings and even jobs all together? Would the bravery of so many women lead to true change for ALL women? Will the men in the world blame women, minimize the issue or come to the defense of the abusers? Will women themselves once again come out against women? Would it be crazy to think that men might do some serious soul searching instead of attacking? Might men change their ways, hold other men accountable for changing theirs and even join the women in making the world a safer place for females? Might women actually unify and stay unified in their fight for equality and safety? Or would it sadly, be possible, after all that has happened, that all these uprisings become just another moment in time that fades into the background like so many others? These questions did, are and will continue to plague the minds of many going forward.

Currently though, while the verdict is still out on many of these questions, if the start of 2018 is any indication of where things may be going for women—then things are looking good. The #MeToo movement has led to the #TimesUp movement—a shift from words of support to actions of support. Like the #MeToo movement, the #TimesUp movement was bolstered by many women in the entertainment industry. These women chose to use their fame, wealth and influence to address “the systemic inequality and injustice in the workplace that have kept underrepresented groups from reaching their full potential.” ( Time’s Up has raised millions of dollars so far to help with the legal defense of “survivors of sexual assault and harassment across all industries….”

As a result of these two movements, powerful “untouchable” men have lost their jobs, the world has been awakened to the insidiousness of sexual harassment and the argument that women are being treated as equals has been blown out of the water. As Malcolm Gladwell might say, it seems as if 2017 reached a tipping point regarding the treatment of and misogyny toward women. Regardless of who you are or what your feelings with respect to these issues, it is hard to deny that it feels as though we are in an historic moment. Only time will tell where it will lead, and it’s clear that, so far, it’s been a powerful awakening.

The question now becomes, where to from here? What’s the next step on this journey for the equality and safety of all females?

Going forward, females of all ages will need to do some soul searching of our own. Many of us have silenced our voices, blamed victims, absolved the perpetrators and, far too often, in countless ways have given our power away GivingYourPowerAway. It’s a new dawn for women. It’s time we step into this new dawn in new ways. May all of us learn to walk in the world with a GroundedPowerfulStrength, have a renewed sense of self-respect and an undaunted resolve to own our worth rather than forever trying to prove it. When females are able to walk in the world differently, letting go of the anchors that have kept us down, we will truly be an equal force creating powerful change throughout the world.

Challenge: Take the time to do some honest soul searching regarding how you–as a human being–have shown up in the world. Take the steps necessary for you to own your power and your worth. Remember to honor the worth of those around you as well.

NOTE: For those experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace check out this resource:

Note: There are certainly times when fighting back will put women at greater risk of personal harm—in these cases, it is the individual’s duty to decide what she feel she needs to do to protect her welfare.