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Each week we're going to have hard conversations. We're going to explore new options, and we're going to have real straight talk because we have faith women can handle it.

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Mass Shootings, Toxic Masculinity, and a Nation in Trouble

Episode 38

It is time we look beyond the surface and into the depths of what is happening in our nation.  We are failing our young boys and men by allowing the everyday adage of "boys will be boys".  It is time we step up and teach our sons a different way.

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You Can't Always Get What You Want

Episode 37

In this episode, we talk about asking for what you want, and understanding you will not always get what you want.  It is hard when we ask with all of our skills, yet sometimes the answer is no.  Then we have to grieve what we didn't get without resentment or decide it is a deal-breaker.

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The Art of Saying No

Episode 36

Most women have been taught to be nice, serving, and acquiescent.  As a result, we have learned to say yes when we really

want to say no.  Join on as we talk about what it costs us and how to say no with compassion.

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Direct Communication; Asking for What You Want

Episode 35

Join us as we explore how to communicate your wants and needs more clearly and directly.
Discover how so many shoot ourselves in the foot by speaking from a reactive place, being vague, using too many words, or expecting to have our minds read.

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Women & Control

Episode 34

Tune into our latest podcast: Women and Control! Listen in as we talk about the connection between anxiety and control and their impact on relationships. Join us as we explore how perfection plays in and discuss why so many women struggle with this issue in their daily lives.

Do you need your dishwasher loaded a certain way? If so, this episode may be great for you:-)!

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Women & Criticism

Episode 33

Many of us, as women, would be offended if someone told us we were critical.  And yet the comments about others, as well as ourselves, that are judgmental have others feeling criticized on the other end.  It is the small things, not just the big ones - things like you can't wear those jeans; why didn't you .....; that's not how to do the dishes; and on and on.  Listen in for information on the ways we criticize and ways to change that behavior.

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Fear Of Alone

Episode 32

The fear of being alone frequently keeps women from making decisions that serve them best. It can lead to staying in relationships that no longer work, leaving them feeling trapped, depressed, and unsatisfied.

Tune in to our podcast as we explore this common obstacle to living our most satisfying lives and the steps you can take to deal with this often paralyzing fear.

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Episode 31

Do you, your spouse or someone you know struggle with defensiveness? If so, this is the podcast for you. Tune in as we explore the impact of defensiveness on relationships and uncover how and why it serves as a  major block to intimacy and genuine connection. Join us as we tackle this issue and demonstrate how to replace defensiveness with courageous  accountability. Finally, listen in as we walk you through how to move out of defensiveness into accountability, and ultimately land on powerful intimacy.

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Radically New Relationships™

Episode 30

Many individuals and couples lack a template for creating truly healthy, vibrant relationships. Our world normalizes rage, sees lack of accountability as a twisted strength and encourages an old relationship paradigm that is steeped in antiquated, harmful ways of being. Tune in as the Rising co-host Arlene Neuman interviews Lisa Merlo-Booth about her powerful, new, relationship paradigm--Radically New Relationships™. If you're single, dating, or married, and want to radically transform your relationship from status quo to create an enlivened, intimate and authentic connection then click on the link below!  Learn about how practicing the “ four pillars” paves the road to having a radically new, more deeply satisfying relationship.

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Women & Conflict Avoidance

Episode 29

In this podcast, we talk about how much you lose if you avoid conflict. Thoughts like it just isn't worth it; it won't change; why bother; don't rock the boat and more mean you are suffering mental and physical symptoms that hurt you. Listen in!

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Women & Guilt

Episode 28

As women we are frequently driven to act, often to our detriment, to avoid feeling “bad” or guilty. This is reinforced by our culture as well as our most intimate relationships.
In this podcast, we explore how we can begin to recognize this self-limiting dynamic in our lives and how to free ourselves from its clutches.

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Women & Sex

Episode 27

As women, we have a lot of internal and external pressures regarding our sexuality.  Often WE don't even know what we want.
Listen in to hear how we miss the mark around our sexuality and how to turn things around.

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Breaking Up: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Episode 26

Often, women get fed up with their partner and "out of the blue" say I want a divorce.  Women will say to us, no I wasn't clear on what I wanted.
This episode discusses the healthy relational skills toward asking for what you want before moving to divorce.  And, when you are sure about wanting a divorce, what are the things you want to consider

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Breakin' Up is Hard to Do! Pt. 3

Episode 25

Women,  historically, have been conditioned to avoid direct and honest conversations about their negative feelings towards their friends. It’s especially true when the relationship is no longer working and there is a desire to end it.
In this episode, we discuss some of the most common ways that women behave to avoid these difficult conversations and choose indirect, and often more hurtful  methods  to deal with those feelings. We also explore ways we can use our GPS to have these conversations in courageous and mutually respectful ways.

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Breakin' Up is Hard to Do! Pt. 2

Episode 24

When someone you care about breaks up with you it can feel devastating—even if you wanted to break up as well.

Don’t make the common mistakes so many women make in response to breakups.

Tune in to today’s podcast for concrete steps to take to get you through any breakup that comes your way.

And always remember that breakups are NEVER about your worthiness. You are worthy. You are lovable. And you will be okay.

Tune in to discover how to recover when someone breaks up with you.

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Breakin' Up is Hard to Do!

Episode 23

Part 1 of this breaking up series explores the impact of being the one being broken up with.

Have you wondered why breaking up hurts even in “bad” relationships?

Tune in today and find out. Also, learn the ins and outs of what to do and not to do when it comes to healing from breakups.

Here’s to making it through your break-up with a Grounded Powerful Strength even when your heart is broken.

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Women in the Workplace

Episode 22

Have you ever found yourself playing small in the workplace?

If so, tune into today’s podcast as we discuss the ins and outs of showing up with a grounded powerful strength on the job and in your career.

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Women & Finances

Episode 21

Listen in as we explore:

  • The emotional and cultural messages women receive about money
  • How these messages impact single and non-single women alike
  • The do's & don'ts regarding women Rising and finances

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Episode 20

Is jealousy wreaking havoc in your relationship?  In this episode we discuss what being jealous means and what to watch for when it rears its head. Is jealousy normal? How do you tell if the jealousy is your issue or your partner's? And, when is it time to get help? Read Now


Exploring Consensual Non-Monogamy

Episode 19

In this episode, we interview a special guest, Molly Jenkins, LMFT, who specializes in working with polyamorous relationships.
Our conversation explores some of the benefits and risks involved and reasons why one might consider opening up a monogamous relationship to include other partners. What we discover dispels some of our conventional beliefs and judgments about the meaning of such pursuits.
We discuss how one partner might introduce this subject without destroying the primary relationship and the delicacy of such conversations.
We also discuss the importance of women holding on to what you know will best serve you on your journey to Rising and how to keep internal or external pressures from leading you to make the wrong decision for yourself. Read Now

Affairs Part II: Women and Cheating

Episode 18

It may seem like an easy solution: I can keep my family, lifestyle, and go outside the marriage and feel better.  Unfortunately, affairs go against your values, force you to lie, and if you have an agreement to be monogamous, then cheating is breaking a promise. This podcast talks about why women have affairs, what they're looking for, and why affairs are not the answer. Read Now

Affairs Part I: Being Betrayed

Episode 17

In part 1 of “Dealing with Infidelity” we discuss the impact of affairs on the betrayed partner. This podcast explores the deep feelings of betrayal that affairs trigger and looks at the components necessary for healing to occur.  Listen in as we talk about how to navigate through the painful discovery of your partners betrayal and guide you through the do’s and don’ts of recovery. If you’ve ever been rocked by a cheating spouse, this is one episode you won’t want to miss! Read Now

Relationship Numbing

Episode 16

Relationship Crutches or "Misery stabilizers" (Terry Real)  are the things we use to soothe ourselves for a short period of time so we
can live with and/or avoid our unhappiness.  They allow us to escape the everyday upsets or disappointments in our relationships or lives so we don’t have to face reality. Tune in to hear what they are, how they show up, what they cost you, and how to know if you're avoiding or simply relaxing. Read Now

Love’s Myths

Episode 15

In this podcast we explore three common myths about love:
1. "My partner should love me no matter what"
2. "Great relationships are always hot, passionate, exciting and fun and have no conflict"
3.  "Your love will save me"
Listen in and discover what healthy true love really looks and feels like. Learn what it takes to find it, be okay without it, and how to keep it.
If you have comments, thoughts, questions, or requests, take a moment to write them in the comment section below. We'd love to hear from you!

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Standing Up to Bullying

Episode 14

Many of the dynamics that led up to the rioting at the capitol are the very same dynamics that get played out in homes, offices, and nations all over the world. This podcast discusses how enabling a bully emboldens them to escalate their bullying. Every time an individual, party, or government takes a short-term "keep the peace" stance, they send a message that the harmful behavior is okay. Healthy relationships require accountability, limits, consequences, and authentic repair. This is as true in your home as in offices, governments, nations, and our world.  Read Now

Men and Relationality

Episode 13

75% of divorces are initiated by women. On this podcast we talk straight to men about how to show up more relationally to avoid becoming another divorce statistic. Read Now


Episode 12

In this episode, we talk about over-responsibility as women, especially during the holidays and how to navigate asking for help and how to accept help when it's offered. Read Now

The Power of Setting Limits

Episode 11

Join us as we explore Relational Limit setting and learn how to be effective in setting limits.  Master the skill of using your words and actions to take care of yourself regardless of the other person's response. Read Now

The Vice-Presidential Debate

Episode 10

Join us this week we discuss our impressions of the vice presidential debate and how it shows where women are at in our society and in politics. Read Now

Women and Dating

Episode 9

Join us this week as we tackle the topic of dating and share 10 tips to dating with a Grounded Powerful Strength. Read Now

Rape Culture

Episode 8

Join me this week as I embark on the difficult topic of rape culture with guest Kimberly Krautter, a Social Impact Consultant. Read Now

Women and Blame

Episode 7

Join us this week as we talk about women and blame. Women often blame themselves for the behaviors of others, apologize for things they have nothing to apologize for and excuse others for actions that they would never excuse from themselves. Read Now

Patriarchy, Misogyny, & Gender Socialization

Episode 6

Join us on this episode as we discuss the intersection of sexism, patriarchy, gender socialization, and misogyny and how all of these keep women down and make it more difficult for them to rise with a Ground Powerful Strength. Read Now

Women and Self-Esteem

Episode 5

Join us on the newest episode of The Rising podcast as we talk about women and self-esteem. Listen as we explore where women go awry with our esteem, why so many women struggle to have healthy self-esteem and what women can do to own their worth rather than forever trying to prove they have it.

We can’t wait for you to join us in these video podcasts! Share your stories below, asks us questions, and let us know how it goes as you incorporate the information and challenges into your lives.

In the meantime, stay healthy, speak your truth, own your worth and walk in the world with a Grounded Powerful Strength! Read Now

Systemic Racism

Episode 4

Welcome to another round-table discussion on The Rising Podcast with two of my favorite colleagues, Dee Marcotte and Arlene Neuman! In this episode, we take a hard look at the systemic racism plaguing our country.  Listen in as we explore racism, riots, policing, and, white privilege. Join us as we talk about resources to learn more and suggestions on how to become anti-racist in a systemically racist world. Enjoy the conversation and as always, if you like this episode, please share it with your friends!
Welcome to summer! Read Now

Difficult Relationships

Episode 3

Tune in to this episode of The Rising Podcast as we explore difficult relationships. In this episode we explore:
* Common behaviors women do that are keeping them stuck
* What the costs are to these behaviors
* How to step in differently and effectively create change in difficult relationships

Getting Through the Covid Shut Down

Episode 2

Welcome to our Covid-19 podcast episode! In this episode, we do things a bit differently and have a round table discussion.  I'm excited to be sitting down with two of my favorite colleagues, Dee Marcotte and Arlene Neuman, to talk about cultivating your Grounded Powerful Strength during a pandemic. Enjoy the conversation, stay grounded, and if you like this episode, please share it with your friends.
Stay healthy!

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Introduction to The Rising

Episode 1

In this first episode of the podcast, Lisa explores what The Rising for Women is about, what it means for women to rise, and explores the concepts of a GPS (Grounded Powerful Strength) and why that’s so important in our world today. Read Now

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