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We believe the world will be changed for women when we change how we walk in it. Each week we're going to have hard conversations. We're going to explore new options, and we're going to have real straight talk because we have faith women can handle it.

Episode Sixteen

Relationship Crutches or "Misery stabilizers" (Terry Real)  are the things we use to soothe ourselves for a short period of time so we
can live with and/or avoid our unhappiness.  They allow us to escape the everyday upsets or disappointments in our relationships or lives so we don’t have to face reality. Tune in to hear what they are, how they show up, what they cost you, and how to know if you're avoiding or simply relaxing. Watch Now

Episode Fifteen

In this podcast we explore three common myths about love:
1. "My partner should love me no matter what"
2. "Great relationships are always hot, passionate, exciting and fun and have no conflict"
3.  "Your love will save me"
Listen in and discover what healthy true love really looks and feels like. Learn what it takes to find it, be okay without it, and how to keep it.
If you have comments, thoughts, questions, or requests, take a moment to write them in the comment section below. We'd love to hear from you!

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Episode Fourteen

Many of the dynamics that led up to the rioting at the capitol are the very same dynamics that get played out in homes, offices, and nations all over the world. This podcast discusses how enabling a bully emboldens them to escalate their bullying. Every time an individual, party, or government takes a short-term "keep the peace" stance, they send a message that the harmful behavior is okay. Healthy relationships require accountability, limits, consequences, and authentic repair. This is as true in your home as in offices, governments, nations, and our world.  Watch Now

Episode Thirteen

75% of divorces are initiated by women. On this podcast we talk straight to men about how to show up more relationally to avoid becoming another divorce statistic. Watch Now

Episode Twelve

In this episode, we talk about over-responsibility as women, especially during the holidays and how to navigate asking for help and how to accept help when it's offered. Watch Now

Episode Eleven

Join us as we explore Relational Limit setting and learn how to be effective in setting limits.  Master the skill of using your words and actions to take care of yourself regardless of the other person's response. Watch Now

Episode Ten

Join us this week we discuss our impressions of the vice presidential debate and how it shows where women are at in our society and in politics. Watch Now

Episode Nine

Join us this week as we tackle the topic of dating and share 10 tips to dating with a Grounded Powerful Strength. Watch Now

Episode Eight

Join me this week as I embark on the difficult topic of rape culture with guest Kimberly Krautter, a Social Impact Consultant. Watch Now

Episode Seven

Join us this week as we talk about women and blame. Women often blame themselves for the behaviors of others, apologize for things they have nothing to apologize for and excuse others for actions that they would never excuse from themselves. Watch Now

Episode Six

Join us on this episode as we discuss the intersection of sexism, patriarchy, gender socialization, and misogyny and how all of these keep women down and make it more difficult for them to rise with a Ground Powerful Strength. Watch Now

Episode Five

Join us on the newest episode of The Rising podcast as we talk about women and self-esteem. Listen as we explore where women go awry with our esteem, why so many women struggle to have healthy self-esteem and what women can do to own their worth rather than forever trying to prove they have it.

We can’t wait for you to join us in these video podcasts! Share your stories below, asks us questions, and let us know how it goes as you incorporate the information and challenges into your lives.

In the meantime, stay healthy, speak your truth, own your worth and walk in the world with a Grounded Powerful Strength! Watch Now

Episode Four

Welcome to another round-table discussion on The Rising Podcast with two of my favorite colleagues, Dee Marcotte and Arlene Neuman! In this episode, we take a hard look at the systemic racism plaguing our country.  Listen in as we explore racism, riots, policing, and, white privilege. Join us as we talk about resources to learn more and suggestions on how to become anti-racist in a systemically racist world. Enjoy the conversation and as always, if you like this episode, please share it with your friends!
Welcome to summer! Watch Now

Episode Three

Tune in to this episode of The Rising Podcast as we explore difficult relationships. In this episode we explore:
* Common behaviors women do that are keeping them stuck
* What the costs are to these behaviors
* How to step in differently and effectively create change in difficult relationships

Episode Two

Welcome to our Covid-19 podcast episode! In this episode, we do things a bit differently and have a round table discussion.  I'm excited to be sitting down with two of my favorite colleagues, Dee Marcotte and Arlene Neuman, to talk about cultivating your Grounded Powerful Strength during a pandemic. Enjoy the conversation, stay grounded, and if you like this episode, please share it with your friends.
Stay healthy!

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Episode One

In this first episode of the podcast, Lisa explores what The Rising for Women is about, what it means for women to rise, and explores the concepts of a GPS (Grounded Powerful Strength) and why that’s so important in our world today. Watch Now

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