Tune in as the Rising co-host Arlene Neuman interviews Lisa Merlo Booth about her powerful, new, relationship paradigm–Radically New Relationships™.

This episode discusses the healthy relational skills toward asking for what you want before moving to divorce.  And, when you are sure about wanting a divorce, what are the things you want to consider.

In this episode, we discuss some of the most common ways that women behave to avoid these difficult conversations and choose indirect, and often more hurtful methods to deal with those feelings. We also explore ways we can use our GPS to have these conversations in courageous and mutually respectful ways.

I’m not proud to admit that I didn’t know how to feel when I first heard Simone Biles backed out of the team’s all-around competition. In my younger years, I was an athlete trained to put the team’s needs above my own. As a mother, I was trained to put the needs of my children above my own. As a wife, I’ve been told to put the needs of my husband above myself. The constant subliminal messaging was firmly woven into the fabric of my being: put the needs and welfare of others above your own—no matter what the cost.

Listen in as we explore the emotional and cultural messages women receive about money, how these messages impact single and non-single women alike, and the do’s & don’ts regarding women Rising and finances.

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